Is Monica Lewinski Trying To Sabotage Hillary Clinton’s Campaign?

Monica Lewinski hasn’t been in the news at all for this election cycle and I don’t blame her for trying to keep a low profile considering her sordid past with the adulterer-in-chief himself, President Bill Clinton. The Clintons, I’m sure, have paid her countless thousands of dirty dollars to keep quiet. However, that may be ending soon because news has emerged that she’s been meeting with one of Hillary Clinton’s top campaign donors. As far as we can wager, either it’s a shakedown for cash, or the Clintons have a job for Lewinsky – hopefully not as messy as the one Bill assigned to her in the ’90s. Lewinski does have lots to gain from exposing the Clintons, their foundation, or any othern kind of dirt on them. She could land book and movie deals, get incredible amounts of money from interviews, or any number of other things that might elevate her back into the spotlight. Something smells fishy here.

While this may not confirm conclusively that Monica is trying to necessarily sabotage the Clinton campaign, it’s mighty suspicious that all of a sudden, she meets with one of the biggest donors to the entire campaign. Much like Bill meeting with Loretta Lynch before the Attorney General absolving Hillary of all wrongdoing, we know that nothing done between political players in secret can lead to anything harmless. Is she trying to get more money for Hillary, even though she was abused and taken advantage of by Bill? Is she working on a move to expose the Clintons? Only time will tell, but Monica is back in the papers and that is NOT good for Hillary’s chances in any way.


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