Insider Reveals How Russian Pols Made Fun Of Barack Obama For Being “Soft”, It’s Hysterical

Liberals are desperate to try to smear President Donald Trump is a sorry, delusional attempt to seize power back from him after he unexpectedly (to them and all their pollsters) won the election over Democrat Hillary Clinton. One way they are attacking him is on his actions with Russia.

Trump has stated that the United States would benefit from working together with Russia to combat the shared threat of ISIS, rather than trying to reignite old Cold War era grievances like Obama did. Instead of seeing how this is a major positive, liberals and some conservatives are painting Trump as somehow weak on Russia. They forgot just how weak Obama was with Russia. It was so bad that top Russian lawmakers mocked him for it.

In 2014, Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula, which formerly belonged to Russia, from the Ukraine. It was a controversial move, to which Obama and his European Union allies completely rolled over and offered next to no resistance. Russians couldn’t believe it.

Explained Jorge Benitez of the Atlantic Council, “The U.S. and the international community had a lot of powerful non-military options to raise the cost to Russia and make it more willing to stop killing Ukrainians. Obama’s sanctions are so soft, some Russian legislators made fun of him and begged the U.S. to sanction them.”

Continued Benitez, “Yes, Obama was too soft on Russia,” and stated that “the softness” was a main reason behind “Putin’s willingness to break international treaties like the INF [Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces] and probably attack another of his neighbors in the future.” Are you glad we finally have a strong leader in the White House again?

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