In 2008 Clinton Advisor Sidney Blumenthal Told Press Obama Was Born In Kenya

The former D.C. bureau chief for McClatchy claims that a representative from the Clinton campaign approached him about investigating the Obama “birther” claim in 2008. The new claim is casting doubt on the Clinton’s denial that her campaign was the first to raise questions about President Barack Obama’s place of birth.

In a recent tweet, former bureau chief James Asher said that in 2008 Sidney Blumenthal, a longtime Clinton staffer and confidant, told him “face-to-face” that Obama was born in Kenya.

Asher’s tweets came shortly after CNN uncritically repeated Hillary Clinton’s claim that her 2008 campaign never raised any questions about president Obama’s birth.


Asher also claimed, in a direct response to a tweet from Hillary Clinton, that Blumenthal pressed his news organization to investigate claims that Obama was born in Kenya.


While the Clinton campaign might have attempted to maintain distance from the questions in 2008, it appears that behind the scenes–if Asher’s claims are true–that they were quietly working to fuel such rumors not only with the public, but with the press corps, whom they hoped would do their dirty work for them.


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