Illegal Immigration Has Dropped 27% Since Trump Took Office. Are You Glad?

When Obama signed his “Dreamers” order, illegals flooded across our border. Since Trump took office, the lure of “free stuff” ended because Trump is enforcing the law!

Both the number of illegal immigrant families and children filing across the border alone have DROPPED 27 percent in just a single month! President Trump’s border wall is not even built yet, and it is already keeping illegals (and potential terrorists) out.

According to the Customs and Border Protection report released earlier this week and shared by The Washington Times, the number of illegal immigrants pouring into the United States is still high, but we are making progress based on Trump’s reputation alone. President Trump is keenly aware of the daunting job ahead of him, but he will get the problem solved in time and under budget, just as he has done on monumental projects his entire career in the private sector.

“Overall total migration remained at elevated levels, primarily due to family units and unaccompanied children from Central America, Haitian nationals migrating from Brazil, and Cuban nationals,” a statement from Border Patrol said when referencing the new illegal alien statistics. So, while the numbers are down, it is very clear we still need to get his problem under control.

The total number of known illegal aliens stepping foot on American soil averages about 31,575 EVERY month. The actual number of illegal immigrants actually arriving each month is likely a lot higher.

The Border Patrol can only count the illegals they actually catch or witness running out of their grasp. Our economy simply cannot sustain such a continued influx of people.

Ironically, a significant number of illegal immigrants are now fleeing the United States. Canada is now being bombarded with illegals crossing over our NORTHERN border for fear of now being caught by Trump’s enforcement of immigration laws and then being deported back to their actual home country.

They see the gravy train is about to come to an end. Our new president will not allow them to become a burden for America any longer, but plenty more “free stuff” is awaiting them in Canada.

President Trump should get credit for that as well. The mainstream media won’t give it to him of course, but it his stance on immigration that is making all of this happen.

Taxpayer-funded government aid programs are already bursting at the seems. During the past eight years, the number of people receiving monthly “benefits” hit new records. There are now more people living off the labors of others than actually paying into the system.

Our already struggling schools also cannot withstand the influx of new students. In many cases, the students don’t even speak English, so the school have to hire translators… and who do you think is going to have to pay for that?! Build that wall, Mr. President, and do it soon.

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