If Every Black American Saw This Video, Trump Would Become President Tomorrow!

Donald Trump made a passionate speech targeted right at the hearts of every African American voter in this country. It was plea to Black Americans in this country to wake up and vote for their own interests and not the interests of the Democratic party – which uses them for votes.

We all want security, financial freedom and the right pursue happiness. Democrats have robbed minorities in this country and yet they still get their votes.

Trump extended the hand do our black brothers and sisters. We all want the same thing. We are all American. Don’t let the mainstream media convince you otherwise.

Look. We get it. Blacks feel marginalized in America. They have been taken advantage of by people with a lot of money and a lot of sway.

Help us at Liberty Writers extend a hand to anyone that you feel has been taken advantage of by our current system.

We are all hurting. We all need jobs to come back to this country. We all need our government to work with us and for us.

Trump supporters are some of the most open minded people in America. We have met thousands of them. The media has branded them us as racist. We are not. Take a look at who the Democrats are running for President. She is the real racist.

Martin Luther King called for a brotherhood of man. WE LIVE IN THE SAME COUNTRY AFTER ALL. Let’s stand together against the lawlessness that threatens to consume this great nation.

Source: libertywritersnews.com

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