Idiot Khizr Khan Tried To Attack Trump Again, Just Got Brutal News, He’s Done

It’s tragic that Pakistani Muslim lawyer Khizr Khan’s son US Army Captain Humayun Khan died serving our country honorably in Iraq. What is truly despicable and disgusting, however, is how Khan has politicized his son’s death and is trying to use it to smear President-Elect Donald Trump.

Khan clearly did not learn his lesson after the American people called him out for disgracing his own son to try to score political points. He recently returned with a fresh attack on Trump regarding the nomination of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, using his son’s death as ammunition.

Said the shameless Khizr Khan in a recent letter to Trump, “Mr. Sessions has defended proposals that would single Muslim immigrants out for discriminatory treatment on the basis of their religious beliefs. He has happily accepted awards from the most intensely anti-Muslim organizations and groups that spread the vile falsehood that Muslims cannot be loyal Americans. That is not the American Way.”

Khan added, “My son, US Army Captain Humayun Khan, was a living rebuke to such bigotry. He gave his life in service to this country, earning a Purple Heart and the Bronze Star for his heroism. He, like the people of every gender, ethnicity, and religion whose bodies rest in Arlington National Cemetery, which include FIVE Muslim Soldiers, swore an oath to protect the Constitution.”

Unfortunately for Khan, Donald Trump reacted to his latest outburst by completely ignoring him, not even giving him the time of day through a response on Twitter. Khan has been unable to rally any support around his comments, and they clearly will not effect Jeff Sessions in any way. Are you happy that attention-seeker Khan was put in his place?

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