Hollywood actress, YouTube stars launch Women Vote Trump PAC

Three of Donald Trump’s most steadfast female supporters have launched a super political action committee with the goal of raising $30 million and repairing the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s mostly negative image among women.

Hollywood actress Stacey Dash, veteran GOP strategist Ann Stone and YouTube stars Diamond and Silk unveiled the Women Vote Trump PAC during a press conference Thursday in Washington.

“There are millions of women who support Donald Trump and we’re not standing in the shadows anymore,” they said in a statement. “We won’t be pushed around by bullies who tell us who we are ‘supposed’ to like. And we’re not going to keep quiet just because the Washington, D.C., power elites want us to.”

A three-minute video posted to the group’s website makes an appeal to “security moms,” or women who tend to gravitate towards candidates who talk tough and promise to ensure American families remain safe.

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