HILLARY’S WORST NIGHTMARE CAME TRUE! Look What Louisiana Gov Just Said About Trump

Trump’s visit to the victims of the terrible flood in Louisiana is almost like a classic hero story where a man rises up above all those who are already in charge and shows what a true leader is like.

Apparently, the Democrat Governor of Louisiana feels the same way.

Instead of joining the whole “Trump was there for a photo-op” BS, Gov. John Edwards said Trump’s visit was great for Louisiana.

A clearly angry Edwards told a prying CNN anchor exactly how he felt like the media was ignoring Louisiana when they needed the support of the nation, and Trump changed that.

He also mentioned one thing that no outlet covered: Trump donated $100,000 to a Louisiana church’s flood victim relief fund while he was there. (H/T – Gateway Pundit)

So let’s give a big thanks to Donald Trump and Mike Pence for what they did in Louisiana.

Let’s ALSO give a special thanks to Louisiana Gov. John Edwards for proving he is willing to go against insane party platforms of hate and do his actual job. Apparently, Clinton does NOT have as much control over the Dems as she hoped she did.

Apparently, Clinton does NOT have as much control over the Dems as she hoped she did.

The turning of such a big governor is a monumental occasion for the Trump campaign. We need to share this accomplishment far and wide across Facebook since the media will never be honest with the public.

Source: libertywritersnews.com

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