Hillary’s Biggest Lie Yet Was Captured On LIVE TV! She Wants This GONE.

This is by FAR the most damning evidence we’ve seen against Hillary Clinton and her lies about classified information. As the Hillary email saga continues to permeate the news cycle, we all hope for the logical end to it which finishes with Hillary being prosecuted and behind bars. But since Hillary, along with the rest of the Clintons, is bulletproof in the eyes of the federal government (looking at you James Comey and your incompetent FBI lackeys) we’ll have to just continue to spread the word of her lies and deceit. And here’s the biggest example of that yet.

Hillary literally went on live TV and lied to everyone’s face. She told everyone that she was never trained on classified information. Here’s the proof.

“I couldn’t recall,” eh HilLIARy? Did you recall when you said this?


I guarantee you Hillary is going to see this. You know why? Because we’re all going to share it with her. Send this to her Twitter, Facebook, and any other account she has that she hasn’t deleted yet. Spread this with all of your friend. EXPOSE the fraud she truly is. She has continued to lied to the American people and she should be publically huiliated for it at all costs. We CAN make a difference by changing minds and showing the world what a horrible, two faced, liar she really is. That’s the best she deserves.

Source: yesimright.com

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