Hillary Claims She Wasn’t Asked In A Debate How She Would Create Jobs, She Was And It Was The First Question

Hillary Clinton lied a lot in 2016.

That’s not a secret.

In fact, her long career of lying is basically why she lost.

Here’s a fun little montage of Hillary lies…

Today, Hillary was at it again.

She came up with a million different excuses as to why she lost the election and one of her complaints was that no one asked her in a debate how she would create jobs.

Only one tiny problem.

It was the first thing Lester Holt asked her in one of the debates.

From The Daily Caller:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asserted that none of the debate moderators asked her how she was going to create more jobs when in reality that was the very first question asked to her during the first presidential debate.

“I was waiting for the moment when one of the people asking the questions would have said, so exactly how are you going to create more jobs?” Clinton said.

“I mean I thought, ya know, I thought at some moment that would happen,” she continued to a chorus of laughter.

Beg your pardon?

Are you really trying to use the excuse that you never had a chance in a year to talk about jobs? Is this real life?

Obviously, this is absurd for many reasons. Here’s one of them.

The problem with Clinton’s claim is that NBC’s Lester Holt asked her that question to kick-off the first presidential debate at Hofstra University Sept. 26.

“Beginning with you, Secretary Clinton, why are you a better choice than your opponent to create the kinds of jobs that will put more money into the pockets of American workers?” Holt asked.

It might be best for Hillary to just not make speeches anymore.

She has looked SO BAD every single time she’s opened her mouth since her disastrous performance in November.

You know she’s lying when her lips are moving.

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