Hillary Thought The Cameras Were Off When She Did This… She’s Panicking

Hillary Clinton spent the bulk of this past weekend attending fundraisers with wealthy donors. Not surprisingly, she did everything she could to ban media from the functions. We can see why—just take a look at these excerpts from her speech that just leaked.

According to reports, Clinton confessed that she needed advice on how to debate against her rival Donald Trump. She begged her donors to help her.

“I want any of your thoughts or ideas about how I should debate Donald Trump, just to name one thing,” she commented. “71 days left in the campaign and I am not taking anything, anyone or any place for granted. This is the most unpredictable electoral season that I certainly can remember and I am running against someone who will say or do anything.”

She then focused in on Donald Trump’s unpredictable nature.

“We have three debates,” she continued. “The first one is in September…I do not know which Donald Trump will show up….Maybe he will try to be presidential and try to convey a gravity that he hasn’t done before or he will come in and try to insult and score some points.”

She then commented that not everyone has been following the debates, and expressed hope that she could steal the votes by making a good first impression on relatively new voters.

Not likely, Hillary.

Source: americannews.com

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