Hillary Says, ‘Trust the Government, Not God’

My friend, Arnold, is a millionaire. Our families took a trip together several years ago, traveling in his motor home. I marveled that something with a diesel engine could be more posh than most hotel rooms I’d stayed in.

This friend of mine made his money in business — he started a small company. After a few years, he sold it for 10 times his original investment. Not bad, making 10 times more than he had originally spent.

Hillary is a socialist who sells platitudes to the masses and national security to international Muslim leaders.

To hire and fire employees, shuffle investments around like game pieces on a board, and to walk away on your own terms with an exponentially high return on your money — to some this sounds like the kind of game any greedy, ego-driven, adrenaline junkie would enjoy. But that’s business, though, right? Somebody succeeds, because they used and exploited somebody else, correct?

To hear Hillary Clinton’s views on how the economy works, you’d probably come away with that conclusion. Listening to the presidential debate this past Monday night, I cringed as she threw out one reductionist fallacy after another on any number of issues — especially regarding her gross mischaracterizations of business, the lot of American workers, and how the economy supposedly works.

Within the first five minutes of the debate, Hillary piously intoned, “We need an economy that works for everyone, not just for those at the top.”

Think about that jab at “those at the top” — from someone whose husband is paid more per speech than most people make in a year. It was faux solidarity with the “little guy” from a woman whose corrupt Clinton Foundation amassed a quarter of a billion dollars in cash while she was serving as secretary of state.

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