Hillary Mystery Handler Spotted With Syringe Full of Shocking Meds Right Next to Her

The internet has been buzzing over the identity of the “mystery man” next to Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at various public events. This man, who has not been identified as a Secret Service agent, has seemed to console Clinton whenever things haven’t gone completely smoothly.

Now, new photos have been posted to Twitter showing that walking next to Clinton carrying what appears to be a diazepam pen.

Diazepam is a medication that is used to treat patents who suffer frequent seizures. It is hard to imagine another reason that this man should have this medication on him unless he is prepared to administer it to Clinton.

Here are the pictures:



Clinton has been dogged by rumors of health problems since she fell in 2013, reportedly as the result of a blood clot. Recently, photos have showed her needing help climbing stairs, and there have been more than a few videos and photos showing her acting very strangely in public.

If Clinton does indeed suffer from frequent seizures, she is in no position to be holding public office. For once, this isn’t her fault — it’s just a simple fact that the leader of the free world should not be someone who might have convulsions in the middle of a crisis that demands her full attention.


It shouldn’t surprise us that Clinton would hide her medical problems from the American people. Very few people would vote for someone for the most stressful job in the nation knowing that they could keel over at any moment.

It is of course possible that this isn’t a diazepam pen but just something that looks very similar to one. But what exactly would that be?

Source: conservativetribune.com

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