Hillary Lies About Handicapped Little Girl, Gets Unexpected Payback

When Hillary Clinton took the stage at the Democrat National Convention, she thought she was communicating her thoughtfulness and dedication to those less fortunate than she is.

What she was really doing was lying again.

During Clinton’s acceptance speech, she spoke about her time as a young staffer for the Children’s Defense Fund, recalling an instance where she met a young girl in a wheelchair on the back porch of her New Bedford, Massachusetts, home in 1973. Clinton said the girl told her how she wanted to go to school but couldn’t, because she had to use a wheelchair.

Clinton went on claim this was a starting point for her lifelong career in lawmaking, to ensure those with disabilities had the same access as others.

The only problem was that they already did.

Jack Marky, the 81-year-old former mayor of New Bedford, did a radio interview for New Bedford’s WBSM AM 1420 that undid Clinton’s claim in minutes.

Marky said that there was a push in 1973 to make it easier for those with disabilities to do anything anyone else could do, including vans that took children to school.

While it’s no surprise that Hillary Clinton lied about the incident, it’s shocking how she’s willing to exploitdisabled children and get away with it — but exploiting children is what Democrats do.

Source: conservativetribune.com

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