Hillary in Panic After Star Pollster Uses Chilling 4 Words to Describe Her Numbers

For the past several weeks, Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers have fallen sharply. Republican nominee Donald Trump has pulled even with Clinton in several polls or even overtaken her.

Several prominent pollsters have indicated that Clinton’s numbers were surprisingly bad for her at this time of year. Pollster John Zogby has now joined the ranks of those saying Clinton should be very worried, Newsmaxreported.

Zogby stated that Clinton’s numbers were “stuck in the mud,” while Trump’s numbers continue to move, mostly in an upward direction.

“It’s The Donald’s numbers that are actually moving up and down a little bit,” Zogby explained. “Hers are down — and they’re staying down. It’s pathetic that she’s polling at 41, 42 percent, no matter which way you look at it.”

Clinton has insisted that she would win in November, yet she can almost never top 50 percent in any poll. With only a few weeks until the first debate, and only a few months until Election Day, Clinton’s poll numbers are not where she wants them to be.

In fact, a new CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday morning showed that Trump was ahead of Clinton by 2 points.Clinton was ahead by 8 points last month in the same poll.

“It’s a testimonial to how much people just don’t like either of these candidates and a question of are they ultimately going to decide to vote for one or the other or not vote at all?” Zogby stated, adding that he thought these poll numbers mean that many voters are simply undecided right now.

This is good news for Trump because he has a chance to show many potentially undecided voters that he is the better option. Trump has given some exceptional speeches recently, and he has been acting incredibly presidential.

If he can keep that up he can show the American people that he has what it takes to lead, and that might just be enough to convince people who are on the fence to come over to his side and cast their ballot for him in November.

Source: conservativetribune.com

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