Hillary Got Away With Her Biggest Crime For Years, She Was Just Caught And Is Going Down

Most Americans probably feel lucky by this point that career criminal Hillary Clinton is not our President right now, but we are actually luckier than we even realize. Had Hillary won, it would have facilitated the merger of both the Obama power network and the Clinton power network, still intact from the 1990’s.

Now that Hillary did not seize the power of our country’s highest office and is no longer a threat to anyone, people are finally free to talk about what really went on at the Clinton White House decades ago, and Hillary’s massive crime was finally revealed.

A White House insider named Doug Wead recently published a book that details the crime scandals that went on during her husband’s tenure as President and that have continued until this day. Wrote Wead, “The idea that the Clintons’ scandals would somehow be dismissed by history upon the election of Hillary as president was always a fool’s wish.”

One clear cut instance of corrupt that was just exposed is how the Clintons’ sold the right to stay overnight at the White House, which is taxpayer funded government property, to the highest bidder. For example, businessman Dirk Ziff paid the Clintons $411,000 to stay in the famous Lincoln Bedroom, while Barbra Streisand got a discoutned rate at a mere $60,000.

Commented Wead, “By January 2016, more than half of the Lincoln Bedroom donors had already given to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign or supported one of her PACS. Donations from that small universe totaled $1.15 million. The Lincoln Bedroom was a gift that kept on giving. These sales took place at the same time that all that money was pouring into the Democratic National Committee from foreign governments.” Do you think Hillary deserves prison time for this large scale bribe taking?

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