Hillary Clinton Quotes: Nurses Are Overpaid Maids, Glorified Babysitters

The race for the presidency is heating up as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both try to dismantle each other’s credibility. This time it is a rumor from the 90s that is haunting the Clinton campaign.

The rumor states that shortly after her husbandtook office, Clinton made disparaging remarks about nurses. She allegedly referred to them as “glorified baby sitters” or “”under-educated, overpaid maids.”

Despite the lack of evidence supporting the authenticity of the statement, it has proved very difficult to quell. Even after a decade, the rumor has continued to be a blight to her career.

Quote Still Haunting Hillary Clinton

According to Snopes, accusations continued well over into the 2000s. It has also accompanied her every time the she bids for political office.

Back in February of 2008, the alleged quote once again reared its ugly head. In a message to AllNurses, a user inquired regarding her statement about nurses being “glorified babysitters.”

The inquiry was revealed to be a last resort in finding information regarding the matter after searching the web to no avail. For her sake, the user hopes that the rumor is proved to be false, as nurses comprise a large voting population.

In every case where the authenticity of the rumor is challenged, many people claim that they distinctly remember her saying such statements. However, when asked to provide concrete evidence, they simply reason out that the statement was made in the 90s when information was not readily available.

The rumor once again appeared on the same forum last month. This time it claimed that Mrs. Clinton called nurses “overpaid” and “nothing but doctor’s handmaidens.”

This month even saw an image of a message from “a friend nurse” making rounds on social media. It suggests that people reconsider voting for Clinton due to her disparaging statements.

Despite this, the American Nurses Association has put their support behind Hillary Clinton as they did back in 2008. It is still unclear whether her opponent Donald Trump will make use of the allegations come the debates.

Via: morningnewsusa.com

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