Hillary Clinton Compares American Cops to ISIS Terrorists (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton’s campaign managers have done some serious damage control trying to convince the American public that she has changed her tune about the police force and the military. So they can’t be happy that footage was just released of Clinton comparing our police force with ISIS terrorists.

According to reports, Clinton participated in a town hall event for Univision’s affiliated network Fusion, where she answered questions about white privilege and terrorism. Hillary reportedly said that “white terrorism” and “police violence” are as big a threat today to minorities as is ISIS.

“The danger of ISIS is clearly a major threat to American safety, but personally, I know many minorities who are much more concerned with racist attacks at the local level than radical Islamists, so just—question to put it plainly since often, issues of race are tiptoed, do you believe that white terrorism and extremism is as much a threat to some in this country as something like ISIS?” the panel asked.

“Yes, I believe there are all kinds of underground movements and efforts in our country that try to use violence or assert beliefs that I find often lead to violence,” Clinton said, before going on to accuse police officers of engaging in terrorism. “I think that when you have police violence that terrorized communities, that doesn’t show the respect that you’re supposed to have from respecting people in your authority, that can feel, also, terrorizing.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think. Do we need to keep Clinton far away from the White House?

Source: americannews.com

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