Hillary Campaign Now in Bed with PAC Staff That Donated $500K to FBI Agent’s Wife After Investigation

Earlier this week, Americans learned that Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s Super PAC, Common Good VA, donated $500K to Jill McCabe’s senate run.

Jill just so happens to be the wife of Andrew McCabe — the current Deputy Director of the FBI — who oversaw the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

If that wasn’t enough to give you trust issues, it turns out that Hillary Clinton herself headlined a fundraiser for Common Good VA. The event took place in June of 2015, just one month before the FBI officially launched its investigation into Clinton’s email server.

According to The Daily Mail, the fundraiser that Clinton helped spearhead raised over a million dollars.

Clinton returned to Common Good in October of 2015 for another speech. That speech conveniently took place just one week before Jill McCabe received two donations, one on October 25th in the sum of $175,000 and the other on October 27th for $125,000.

In addition, one of Common Good’s biggest donors, James Bernard, gave the PAC $100,000 just three days before McCabe got her October donations.

There’s more.

Bernard is a big Hillary supporter, too. In fact, he’s listed on her site as a “Hillblazer,” someone recognized for raising or contributing $100K or more to the campaign.

Yet, he’s the not the only Hillblazer who donated to Common Good before McCabe was given her biggest campaign contribution.

Independent Journal Review discovered that Louisa Cohlan also donated $100k to Common Good. Her $100k donation took place on Sept 30th of 2015, which was one day before McCabe received a $150,000 from the PAC.

Cohlan has an interesting tie to the Clintons. In 2014, Louisa and her husband Johnathan purchased a 4.1 million dollar vacation home that the Clinton family used while Bill was still president.


Other donors who contributed $100K to the PAC include:

  1. Samuel Nappi, who is also a major Clinton Campaign donor and supporter.
  2. The late Mark Weiner, a good friend of Bill Clinton and major fundraiser for the Democrat Party.
  3. And Robert L. Johnson, America’s first African American billionaire who also donated $100K to the Clinton Campaign

However, the deep ties Hillary’s campaign has to Common Good go even deeper than that.

The Daily Mail’s investigation revealed the ties Clinton’s staff have to the PAC:

Zuzenak, who oversaw the donations to Jill McCabe, left Common Good VA last May to join the Clinton campaign as its Virginia field director.

He isn’t alone in the move. Common Good VA’s executive director Michael Halle also joined the Clinton campaign as battleground analytics director in the spring of 2015.

The group’s former fundraiser, Amanda McTyre, is now a finance director for Clinton, and staffer Marissa Astor left to become an assistant Clinton campaign manager.

And the cake-topper, Clinton’s current campaign manager, Robby Mook, also worked for the PAC prior to the campaign role he has now.

One thing is for certain: Such revelations will raise new questions about possible foul play and major conflict-of-interest surrounding Hillary’s candidacy. Because with it all staring you in the face, everything seems all too convenient to just be a mere coincidence.

Via: ijr.com

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