Hillary Camp Caught on Camera Telling Tiny Crowd What to Cheer for

Video emerged recently from a campaign rally in Cleveland, Ohio, in support of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and let’s just say that in comparison to the packed-house events put on by Republican nominee Donald Trump, this event left much to be desired.

The sparse crowd consisted of perhaps a hundred or so seemingly unenthusiastic supporters milling about the floor, with several dozen specially chosen to stand in the bleachers behind Clinton’s podium.

Campaign staffers can be seen attempting to cheerlead the small crowd, teaching them unintelligible chants to repeat in order to present the illusion of a boisterous crowd in advance of Clinton’s speech.

In reality, it looked more like a Hollywood set of extras being coached on their lines before the filming of a scene.


Contrast this event with the overflowing crowds of tens of thousands that regularly attend Trump rallies no matter where or what time they occur.

Furthermore, the massive crowds at Trump rallies rarely if ever need coaching to break out in enthusiastic chants, the most ubiquitous of which is the “U-S-A, U-S-A” chant followed closely by the anti-Clinton “Lock Her Up!” chant which is rivaled in intensity only by the increasingly common anti-liberal media refrain “CNN Sucks!

Yet we are asked to believe that Hillary Clinton is dominating the presidential race, is loved and well respected by an overwhelming majority of voters, and that Trump’s supporters are fleeing their candidate in droves to join Clinton’s camp.

Sorry, folks, but we just aren’t buying that, and no number of skewed polls, carefully choreographed rallies or two-week early pronouncements of the race being over will change that.

Via: conservativetribune.com

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