Here’s The Cost of Trump’s Wall COMPARED to Cost of Illegals. UNREAL.

You have to be horrible at math to think the wall will cost TOO much. The cost of building the wall compared to the expenses of caring for illegal immigrants is astounding!

It will cost roughly $10 billion to build a wall along our southern border with Mexico as President Donald Trump has repeatedly vowed to do. The cost to American taxpayers to house, feed, and provide medical care and a “free” public education to illegal aliens is a whopping $113 billion!

There is a human toll to consider as well. Not a single American family should be forced to grieve the lost of a loved one because our leaders refuse to protect us by enforcing existing federal law and securing our borders.

While liberals in the United States are marching in the streets whining and shouting hateful slogans about Trump’s border wall plans, a grand total of 65 other countries have already completed or are in the midst of finishing border walls, the Federalist Papers reports.

Israel’s border barrier is guarded constantly in their effort to thwart terror attacks. India’s border wall includes 2,500 miles of barbed-wire fencing and constant surveillance, the Daily Mail notes.

The wall in India encompasses Bangladesh and extends to the massive sand berm which separates Morocco from regions of the Western Sahara, which is known to harbor radical rebel fighters.

Two summers ago, the Hungarian government began building a 13-foot high border fence to secure the border it shares with Serbia. Muslim refugees who flooded the area while fleeing Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq prompted intense security concerns and the construction of the fence.

In Saudi Arabia, Kenya, and Turkey, construction of border fences was also enacted due to radical Islamic terrorism concerns. Jihadist groups in neighboring Somalia, Syria, and Iraq caused leaders and citizens of the three countries to take staunch action to protect their respective homelands.

The border wall in Turkey will eventually reach 28 miles long and protect a key portion of its border with Syria. A multi-layered border fence will also, one day, soon stretch from Jordan to Kuwait along Saudi Arabia’s border with Iraq.

Why is a 600-mile-long substantial fence and security needed in the region? To protect innocent people from the reach of ISIS. No matter where a border wall or fence is being built, the “why” is always the same.

Real leaders always put the sovereignty of the land and the safety of their people first — shielding citizens from terrorism should always be priority number one.

Completing President Trump’s border control and related national security agenda will not stop violent crime in the United States, but his bold actions WILL prevent senseless tragedies, which happen solely because liberal leaders refuse to put Americans first, from occurring ever again.

President Trump’s plan to enhance national security and protect Americans involves far more than a physical barrier. His border policies also involve hiring about 5,000 more agents, empowering said agents to actually do their jobs, and using surveillance equipment and drones to monitor the border wall and all who dare to cross it.

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