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Everyone was on the edge of their seat waiting for former FBI Director James Comey to speak during his hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee. The patriots of this country were right all along.

According to Fox News, Hannity went on the air last night and made some valid points about both Comey and the mainstream media. We ALL need to start paying more attention to the credibility crisis that the media is now facing. Hannity HUMILIATED the media and their “fake news” stories about Trump and Russia. 

Comey now realizes that he has nothing to lose, and he’s laying it all out on the line. When he was asked directly about ties between Russia and Trump, Comey admitted that what most of the media is reporting is, in fact, “dead wrong.” We’ve been saying this since the claims first came out!

The left-wing media outlets cannot stand Trump, and they’ll do whatever they can to discredit him. Their integrity means nothing anymore, and it’s simply pathetic. The desire to report the truth is out the window — gone, in favor of political games.

Hannity elaborated on what Comey said during his testimony. Comey admitted that most of the people who are reporting on classified documents have no idea what they’re talking about by saying, “Those of us who actually know what’s going on are not talking about it.”

In the monologue, Hannity tears apart mainstream media outlets, who now must back up their reporting or admit they were proven wrong. Sean explained that even Chris Matthews (from MSNBC) admitted that the Trump-Russia theory is falling apart.

We’re glad the truth is FINALLY coming to light. Maybe the media can move on to real issues, and we can continue moving our country forward, instead of dwelling on false narratives. All the media were doing was repeating the same stories daily, and hoping for something to stick. Now, they have no choice but to change their tune.

The only problem with this situation is the damage that might already have been done. The typical audience on the Left is willing to believe whatever narrative their corrupt heroes push forward. Since the Left dwelled on this issue for SO long, it’s going to be challenging to get everyone back on the right page again. It’ll be difficult to accomplish this after all the negative press our president has endured from these outlets.

There’s no doubt that the left is still going to attack Trump — they still want him out of office, and will use any excuse to go after him. But the Left is getting backed into a corner. Their stories are getting demolished, and they have less narratives to hide behind.

The Left’s political agenda is finally being exposed for the travesty that it is, and we could NOT be happier. These pathetic people need to STOP with the lies!

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