Hacked Hillary Email Reveals This Illegal, Secret $100 Million “Project” … Arrest Her Now

It’s easy to get bored hearing about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails and what server she used when she sent them, but a conversation discovered about future election strategy has uncovered shocking illegal activity no one has been talking about — and it’s hard not to wonder why.

A computer hacker calling himself Guccifer 2.0 has released emails that showed a $100 million voter registration effort funded entirely by a foreign entity.

A Swiss billionaire named Hansjorg Wyss used his foreign Wyss Foundation to spend the money on a voter registration and get-out-the-vote strategy to deliver wins for Democrat Party.

The problem is that a foreign entity is not allowed by law to participate, contribute or impact any U.S. election in any way, according to the Washington Free Beacon. Neither is a non-profit that doesn’t fall within the ‘political action committee’ status.

The Wyss Foundation used 501(c)(3) tax-deductible non-profit status to claim the project was something other than political, but unearthed commentary proves it was nothing but.

“If we don’t invest heavily in the Democracy strategies now, there is a risk that our ability to drive our issue agenda will be severely curtailed,” read a memo on the subject. “These investments lay the groundwork for robust, transformative issue campaigns.”

The effort was likely to capitalize on the ongoing amnesty effort by which Democrats have used their influence to create new voters from illegals, then rely on the Wyss project to register them and get them out to vote Democrat in elections.

Wyss has donated to U.S. political candidates before, even though he is personally barred from doing so by federal law, so it’s easy to see this project moving forward with no reservation.

Source : conservativetribune.com

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