Guess Who “Horndog” Bill Clinton Ogled At Swearing-In? He Got Busted [Video]

Americans from all background who believe in restoring our proud country to its former greatness united and cheered on America’s 45th President Donald Trump as he formally got sworn in to take charge of the sinking ship that incompetent Barack Obama had been steering toward an iceberg for the past eight years.

Former President Bill Clinton and his “wife” Hillary joined Barack and his “wife” Michelle Obama as they watched the proceedings. This must have been a somber day for Hillary, knowing that she lost and will never be in the White House again. Bill, who is a notorious philanderer, however, still found a way to have fun.

Some observant viewers of the television broadcast of the inauguration noticed something very funny when the camera covered Bill and Hillary watching the spectacle. While everyone else is watching Donald Trump and the people immediately surrounding him, Bill’s eyes are quite clearly somewhere else.

From the expression on Bill’s face, we can see that he’s checking someone else. Then we get the telltale sign: Bill bites his lower lip. Then Hillary, who has been through all of this many, many times before, notices that Bill is checking someone out, and gives him a knowing look. But who is Bill checking out?

Some had speculated that it was Donald’s daughter Ivanka, who looked stunningly gorgeous at the event. When others pieced it together and figured out where Bill is looking, however, the most likely answer is that horndog Bill has his eyes trained squarely at First Lady and former model Melania Trump? Can you blame Bill for staring at this beauty? Watch below:


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