Greg Gutfeld Just Made A Frightening Prediction About When The Next 9/11 Will Happen, Are We Safe?

Greg Gutfeld recently had some pointed observations about when and how the 9/11 could happen…and how we can stop it. Explained Greg, “Radical Islam is the deadly skunk at the garden party – ruining any potential for an open border. An open border is akin to leaving our door wide open in a forest of  hungry tigers. So as the lucky man, I can’t just say, “come on in,” knowing all of our luck will run out if you happen to be an Islamist who wants to end this world. What America was supposed to be — a beacon of freedom for the tired and weary — is challenged, as long as there are jihadists trying to get in. They ruined that ideal. As a survivatarian, I know that as much as I want the tired and weary to come here, there’s a predator hiding among them.  We need to sift.”

Continued Gutfeld, “‘Tired and weary’ — we understand that phrase. The world is nothing but billions of the “tired and weary.”  But what if people who come here under the guise of being “tired and weary” bring values and beliefs that serve to create only more exhaustion and pain? And, ultimately, our destruction?  Yes, bring us your tired and weary, but embrace our values. Radical Islam is a predator whose goal is to disable the host, dismantle its culture (or what’s left of it), and not simply punish the nonbelievers, but also fellow Muslims through enforcement of an archaic brutal system.”

He concluded, “It’s a mistake to cast immigration issue as a Mexico thing. There is no Mexican ISIS.  No: it’s about the spread of jihadism. Even if ISIS dies, a new strain of hate will replace it. And it will be Islamist, and it will be more refined, and more adept at targeting us. The next big attack will exceed the casualties of 9/11 by a factor of ten. Technological progress affects all arenas — including the purveyors of death. Drones, plus anthrax, over a stadium, equals unimaginable horror. Who would do such a thing? The same people who pulled off 9/11. Now they just have better tools. So while I’m aware of how lucky I am to be here, I’m also aware of how this luck is now on shaky ground. The environment that we consider lucky to be living in, must be preserved — or ultimately whatever brings such luck will be destroyed.” Do you agree with Greg?


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