Grateful Syrians Have Without a Doubt the BEST Reaction to Trump Strike…

Donald Trump launched a targeted airstrike against Syria aimed at diminishing the government’s ability to launch another chemical attack.

Reactions in this country have been mixed.

Some Democrats are mad because they will be mad at anything Trump does.

Some Republicans are mad because they think Trump is attempting to nation build even though there are no plans for other airstrikes.

However, the Syrian people seem to be on the same page.

From The Daily Wire:

The Syrian people who were tormented by their own government, though, were united in a response: Thank you, President Trump.

Here are some of the responses.


Sounds like a lot of Syrians are happy that Trump finally enforced the red line that Obama backed down from for years.

We need to wait and see what happens with this.

Both sides of the aisle are being way too reactionary.


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