Gowdy Promises To Grill Comey ‘Like Any Other Witness’

As the House Intelligence Committee gears up for its investigation into allegations of Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., said FBI Director James Comey will not receive special treatment.

“I have an interesting and rich history with Director Comey. He has an incredibly hard job. I’m probably biased toward the FBI, based on my background,” Gowdy said on Fox & Friends.

“He’s not infallible. He’s a witness like every other witness: He’s going to be examined, he’s going to be cross-examined. He’s going to be tested, he’s going to be probed. And ultimately, you and your viewers will be able to determine whether or not he is credible and believable,” Gowdy said.


Gowdy has at times praised Comey, as he did earlier this month when Comey provided a closed-door briefing on the subject of Russia and the 2016 elections.

Jim Comey did more today to update us than I have ever had done in the six years I have been there,” Gowdy said then.

He continued, “I have never heard a Federal law enforcement agent give, with that degree of particularity and detail, an update on an inquiry. As you may recall, I was a federal prosecutor … so I have talked to lots of FBI agents. He went so far beyond what any other administration official has ever done, whether it’s Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, or his predecessor Robert Muller – they never gave us this level of detail and specificity. He bent over backwards.”

Gowdy said that although the House will be investigating, there are limits to what it can do.

“The House is not equipped to investigate allegations of crime,” Gowdy said. “Congress does have a role to play in this investigation, but we don’t investigate crime because we’re not very good at it.”

Although Gowdy would not divulge what he expects to be revealed, he suggested Americans “keep an open mind” about media reports that have claimed there were extensive connections between Russia and the Trump administration.

He said one issue downplayed by the media — leaks of sensitive material — will loom large in the investigation.

“The leaks are super-important, but folks in the media might re-calibrate the importance of these issues,” Gowdy said. “The leaks are both illegal and deleterious to our national security, so I’m really interested in how this got out.”

As for President Donald Trump’s claim that he was wiretapped while a candidate for president, Gowdy said that the truth will emerge in time.

“If this is true, there will be an evidentiary paper trail,” said Gowdy. “This will either be corroborated, or it will be contradicted.”

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