General Allen Blackmailed Into Supporting Hillary, 2 Big Secrets Exposed

General John Allen shocked conservatives when he made a stump speech for Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention (DNC). The retired general explained that he has never endorsed a candidate, but this time around, he just had to do it for Hillary. However, two big secrets that Hillary’s henchmen held over his head are now being exposed, proving this was just another corrupt Clinton game of blackmail.

We are seeing how the Clinton crime family operates as Hillary’s campaign does what it can to ensure her victory. Their tentacles stretch into powerful people’s private business, and they use that information to get what they need to win elections. Such was the case with General John Allen when he, in a shocking move, endorsed the woman who left four Americans in Benghazi to die.

Any general who reaches the high places inside the Pentagon gets there in many ways as a politician. Politics affects everything, and secrets and transgressions make one vulnerable to blackmail. General Allen ran into a brick wall back in 2012 when Hillary was serving as Secretary of State.

Most remember the General Petraeus sex scandal, which led to his resignation. Petraeus was used by Barack Obama as a scapegoat for Benghazi. His scandal was really a nothing as far as scandals can go, but it was useful in taking attention away from Benghazi, so the lapdog media made sure it was in the face of Americans, distracting them from other issues at the time, which took the heat off the Obama administration.

Petraeus was having an affair with Paula Broadwell, who was outed by another woman named Jill Kelley. When searching through Kelley’s emails, CIA investigators found between 300-3,000 emails from General John Allen, who was having what was described as a very “flirtatious” relationship with Jill Kelley for over two years.

Kelley was a bored, rich, Florida wife, who liked to entertain the military in elaborate parties. According to the New York Daily News, “Defense Secretary Leon Panetta revealed that the Pentagon had begun an internal investigation into emails between Gen. John Allen and a Florida woman [Jill Kelley] involved in the [Petraeus] case.”

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