GAME-CHANGER: After Days of Rumors, Military Makes STUNNING Trump Announcement to Press

President Trump is proving the effectiveness of his strategy of “peace through strength” as a new military announcement verifies.

President Trump has received intense scrutiny for a military raid in Yemen that resulted in the loss of the life of U.S. Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens. President Trump approved the raid after meeting with his military advisers. He was warned of the risks involved, which are present in every military operation, via CNN.

Democrats and establishment Republicans, such as John McCain, criticized the raid, claiming it was not worth the risk. However, Gen. Joseph Votel determined that the Yemen raid was performed correctly, via Chicago Tribune. Furthermore, our military learned how these terrorists are building their bombs and discovered the names of operatives living in the United States ready to strike! 

Gen. Joseph Votel met with the Senate Armed Forces Committee to detail the raid he oversaw. “I am looking for indicators of incompetence, poor decision-making, or bad judgment throughout all of this,” he explained to the committee. “I was satisfied that none of those indicators that I identified to you were present.”

In fact, the details of an after-action review prove the raid was essential. Over a terabyte of information was obtained, including details on how al Qaeda is able to build non-detectable bombs that are used to take down airplanes. 

Clearly, this is essential information that will be used to save countless civilian lives across the U.S. and Europe.

The strike in Yemen was an information-gathering mission, and it succeeded in fulfilling its objective. The military has learned of numerous safe havens, training facilities, and recruiting tactics — information that will be used in future raids.

Over 20 air strikes on al Qaeda facilities were undertaken over the weekend, severely disrupting the effectiveness of al Qaeda in Arabia. Al Qaeda used the chaos caused by the Yemeni civil war to create a stronghold in the region.

U.S. armed forces were expecting resistance, as they were assaulting an al Qaeda safe haven. However, they did not expect local villagers, including women, to join in on the conflict. “We did not expect the whole village to grab their weapons and start firing at us,” one official said.

There is no indication that the assault team was detected before launching the raid. However, every villager was armed, and they retreated to firing positions on the roofs of surrounding buildings, forcing us to call in an airstrike.

The raid may have cost Owens his life, but his sacrifice was not in vain. Countless civilians will be spared thanks to his heroic sacrifice, yet this has not stopped liberal news outlets from political posturing and decrying the mission as a failure before it was reviewed. NBC News, in a disgusting act of partisan reporting, relied on the illegal leaks by intelligence officials to claim that no significant intelligence was gained, via NBC News.

The failures of NBC should act as a warning. Intelligence officials who are willing to break the law to leak classified information in the hopes of discrediting President Trump cannot be trusted. They are clearly not acting in the interest of the American people, and they have been caught in yet another lie.

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