FOX RATINGS BOMB! Trump Supporters Continue to Boycott Megyn Kelly Despite Her PR Push

America doesn’t like Megyn Kelly – and nowhere was that more apparent than during the premiere of her Fox Special starring Donald Trump.  She only managed to gather 4.7 Million viewers and finished last for the 8:00pm time slot.


However, her ratings failure wasn’t a backlash against Trump, who garners high ratings wherever he goes.

Well, as long as Megyn “Ratings Killer” Kelly isn’t around.

Quite the contrary, this was a loud and clear “We don’t like you” message to the self-centered and bias Kelly who has fallen from Fox grace in the most epic fashion.

It’s a nose-dive, y’all.

However, it’s not just Megyn who is swan-diving off a ratings cliff, she’s taking Fox News down with her.

The snarky, anti-Trump propaganda that Fox News opted to run with after the first Fox Debate, where Kelly behaved like a biased buffoon, has literally turned off so many Fox News viewers that CNN actually beat Fox in the ratings and ranked #1 in cable news in April.

That’s right – CNN beat Fox News for the fifth time over the past eight months, Monday thru Sunday, during prime time with the coveted “adults 25-54” demographic.

According to Conservative Tree House, the last time that CNN had this many prime time wins in an eight-month period versus Fox News was over 14 years ago.

Fox News better get their act together because their famous tagline, “Fair & Balanced” has become more of a punchline

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