Fox News Loses to MSNBC In Ratings for First Time In Years, Just Weeks After Firing O’Reilly

What is going on over at Fox News?

After crushing everyone else for a decade things are all of a sudden falling apart.

Megyn left, Greta left, Bill Shine left, O’Reilly was fired, and several allegations of sexual harassment were made.

Since then, the ratings haven’t exactly been ideal.

Now, more bad news. Fox wasn’t the highest rated network in May.

You aren’t going to like who was…

From The Daily Wire:

What matters in the business of television is the demo, the 25-54 advertiser-coveted age range. That is where the bragging rights are, and in that arena

MSNBC finished May as the No. 1 cable news network in the advertiser-friendly A25-54 demo for weekday prime (Mon-Fri, 8 – 11 p.m.), per Nielsen. This is the first time the network has defeated both Fox News and CNN on weeknights in the demo since September 2000.

And the #1 cable news personality for the month of May? MSNBC’s conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow.


There’s not really any good way to spin that one.

A lot of people out there are unhappy with the way Fox has leaned to the left recently and some are even talking about replacing them with a more conservative network.  Basically, Fox is slowly committing suicide by alienating their viewers the way they have.

Tucker Carlson has been killing it and Hannity will always be Hannity but there is definitely something missing now that O’Reilly is gone.

Fox needs to get it together and quick.

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