FOIA Has Been Filed For The Contents Of Bill Clinton-Loretta Lynch Meeting

Efforts are being made to find out exactly what was said between former President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch during their secret meeting on an Arizona tarmac.

According to the Independent Journal, the Cause of Action Institute has filed a Freedom of Information Act request seeking any and all information regarding the meeting.

The FBI has claimed that there are no records to be had as the instructions to reporters were,

The meeting itself was, at the very least, highly inappropriate as the fate of Hillary Clinton was resting in the hands of Loretta Lynch at the time.

Lynch has claimed that the secret meeting was purely a “social” visit, and that the two only spoke about grand-kids, traveling, and golf.

If the Attorney General is to be believed, Hillary’s name didn’t come up at all.

After the meeting, Lynch publicly stated that she would accept whatever recommendation that the FBI came up with in regards to whether or not to indict Hillary.

Coincidentally, or not, less than a week later, FBI Director James  Comey said that Clinton did break the law by carelessly mishandling top secret national security information, but that he would not be recommending prosecution because they could not prove that she meant to do so.

They claimed that intent actually mattered in a criminal investigation.

The Cause of Action Institute, through their Freedom of Information request, is seeking any notes that the Attorney General might have made about the meeting, either before or after it occurred.

They are also seeking any transcripts that may or may not exist, and information regarding the “no cell phones, no pictures, no photos rule” instituted by the FBI.

Given the Obama administration’s habit of “losing” information through repeated computer crashes, and “accidentally” deleting information that they feel is irrelevant to any investigation, how long do you think it will be before either Bill Clinton or Loretta Lynch claim that their dog ate the transcripts and notes from their secret meeting?


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