Fmr. CIA Director Reveals REAL Reason Trump Threatened North Korea. This is Horrifying.

We should all be much more wary of the dangers posed by the maniacs overseas.

On the seventh episode of The Truth with Dennis Michael Lynch, correspondent Harlan Hill issued a grave warning. Referring to a report by Former CIA Director James Woolsey, he said North Korea currently has the ability to “kill 90 percent of all Americans.”


President Trump is very aware of the problem posed by North Korea, and he’s already started to take action.

The fact that North Korea poses an imminent threat to us seems shocking and absurd. That’s because the media has spent considerable resources convincing us that the Asian nation and their dictator, Kim Jong-un, are laughable buffoons.

We are rightfully nervous of Iran’s quest to develop nuclear weapons — yet we’re convinced that North Korea poses no threat. All this, despite the fact they’ve successfully developed nuclear devices.

North Korea is one of just 12 countries in the world to have successfully launched satellites into orbit using a launching mechanism made within their own country. North Korea currently has two satellites in orbit above America.

If North Korea were to attack, they could launch a nuclear device in line with one of those satellites and detonate it high in the atmosphere. The blast would send an EMP wave across the continental United States, devastating all electrical equipment, and sending us back to the Dark Ages.

It’s not just the threat of North Korea that’s worrying. North Korea is one of the leading arms dealers to some of the worst international threats. North Korea would be happy to sell one of their US-destroying nukes to Iran or Pakistan, or any other country with a few million dollars.

While the media laughs off the threat of nuclear war, officials from both parties are clearly aware of the dangers. When President Trump first took office, he was warned by Obama that North Korea was the greatest threat to our national security. (via CNN)

North Korea, or any of their allies, have the potential to destroy 90 percent of Americans, and can decimate our way of life.

President Trump, Bill Clinton’s CIA director, and even Obama — though Obama did nothing — all consider North Korea to be the greatest threat to the U.S., yet our media lies about the deadly dictator who starves his own people. How funny.

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