FBI Agent Just Exposed SICK Clinton CRIME That Sentence is LIFE IN PRISON!

Hillary Clinton has been caught doing a lot of dirty things, but trust me when I tell you that NONE of them are half as bad as this.

She may have been able to get away with lies, theft, and even murder, but there is no chance she will be able to survive BRIBING THE FBI.

Hillary Clinton’s Top Aide, Patrick Kennedy, offered the FBI a “Quid-Pro-Quo” for fundraising in return for hiding an email related to Benghazi!


The scumbag actually said he would use the FOIA loophole known as ‘B9,’ which covers geological information on oil and gas wells .

Kennedy offered to trade the FBI both better funding and access to put agents in countries where they are currently not allowed to go.

This is not just conjecture, either. These were actual notes from the Clinton investigation released by the FBI. This is a recorded crime, with documentation, committed at the highest level.

Here is the original document:


Can we PLEASE get this to a court with a jury? I mean seriously, nobody in America would let this woman walk after the crimes she has committed.

We gotta get this shared out across the internet or else she will just pay CNN and NBC to hide it or blame it on Russia!

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