Famous Economist: Trump Just Created $2 TRILLION of Wealth For Americans

A renowned economic expert just shared some great news with the nation! The mainstream media is, of course, ignoring or downplaying this exciting fiscal turn of events.

Economist Stephen Moore revealed the stock market has GAINED $2 trillion in wealth since Donald Trump was elected the as the 45th President of the United States. Moore is the founder of the Club For Growth.

“This could be the start of a big bull market rally,” Stephen Moore said. He also noted the stock market set a new record this past week when it surpassed the 20,000 point threshold.

Liberal media pundits and career politicians predicted a stock market downturn of epic proportion if Donald Trump won the presidential race. Comparisons to the Great Depression were uttered by frantic Democrat lawmakers and Hillary supporters.

Moore also indicated the Democrat obsession with Liberal policies are costing them their base, the blue collar and working class voters, and it is hurting them.

In particular, Moore mentioned that the influence of Steyer is losing the Democrats the support of the American worker. Steyer is a billionaire Democrat donor. He and his host of climate change activist pals left the door to a union alliance wide open for Donald Trump to saunter through.

“This is a good beginning,” Teamsters President James Hoffa said when referencing union chats with Donald Trump. “What he did for Ford [Motor Company] was terrific.”

Obama wanted to push his social justice and climate change agenda – so Hillary focused her campaign rhetoric on those Liberal talking points – it cost her “big league” with voters. “We want jobs, not a radical climate change agenda,” Moore stated when detailing the mindset of union leaders.

Nothing bad happened because Trump defeated Hillary. Just like nothing negative happened to the British economy after the people made their voices heard in the BREXIT vote.

Former President Barack Obama claimed Donald Trump would need a “magic wand” to bring manufacturing jobs back to America, if he won. As usual, Obama got it all wrong.

Weeks before Trump took the oath of office business leaders were beating a path to his door to meet him. They all wanted to hammer out deals to benefit both the manufacturing industry and the American worker.

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