Famous Actor Adam Sandler Just DESTROYED Barack Obama! Breaks Silence…

Famous Actor Adam Sandler is a former Saturday Night Live (SNL) cast member and star of many comedies. But when liberals and President Barack Obama insult Israel, he is deadly serious.

Sandler, on a recent edition of the Howard Stern show, didn’t hold back when he SLAMMED Obama-supporting left-wingers for their anti-Israel views.

The discussion started after he responded to a Pink Floyd guitarist who insulted Israel and Howard Stern… the language is strong (NSFW):

“I’m disgusted that they single out Israel that [they say], ‘We can’t play Israel.’ All these f***ing nice Israeli people are getting a ‘f*** you’ from Roger Waters.”


“I’m very pro-Israel and when someone says sh** about Israel, I know people say sh** about Israel and they f***ing won’t play there … and when you go off on Roger Waters I love that you do that,” Sandler said.

Here is the audio of Sandler’s staunchly pro-Israel, anti-Obama views. This is epic!
Radio host Howard Stern has also joined Sandler in a full-throated defense of Israel, even though it isn’t a fashionable point of view among celebrities. We have a socialist in the White House who would gladly see Israel wiped off the map. Israel is the sole Democracy in the Middle East and deserves America’s support. That’s why it’s so tragic that our President doesn’t support one of our greatest allies.

Via: thepoliticalinsider.com

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