Fake Republican John Kasich Just Made Move To Hurt Trump And Help CNN In A Major Way

As President Trump often points out and any true Conservative can tell you, the media is very, very biased liberal. They will push out rumors as facts, and constantly report incorrect things and lies about President Trump. While President Trump calls them Fake News and stands up to them, Fake Republican John Kasich will do anything he can to kiss their butts.

“What I have said to the press in Ohio and around the country and here in Munich is, thank God you’re there. You’re there that have to — to hold people accountable,” said Kasich of CNN.

“And without a free press — well, we’re going to have a free press. And while I don’t always agree with the reporting of the press, they are vital. They are really such an important part of democracy,” said Kasich.

“And when I met just recently with press all across the state of Ohio, some that are very critical of me, when I walked into the room, they applauded me. And I got on the stage and I said, I applaud you for following the facts and reporting a story even at times when it is not easy,” said Kasich.

“I have great respect for the press. I was once in the press. The key, though, is not to be oversensationalizing everything, but get to the facts. Let the investigation of the press go where it wants. Tell the story. That’s a part of America. And it’s a part of an institution that works to make sure that things have balance,” said Kasich. Who does he think he’s fooling? Check out the video below.

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