Fact Checkers Catch Tim Kaine Telling Lies Again and Again, Polls Show It Had SEVERE Consequences

During the debate between Trump and Hillary, Hillary constantly mentioned fact-checkers and how they need to check Trump. Well the fact checkers are in from the vice presidential debate, and they have determined that Tim Kaine is a liar! Not only that, but everyone could tell and it effected him in a huge way.

Tim Kaine claimed that Trump called “all Mexicans rapists”. This of course is a lie. As we all know, what Trump actually said is that when if people come here illegally, instead of legally, through the Mexican border, it’s not the best people coming. While some of them are good people, a large amount are bringing drugs, crime and rapists with them. Big difference. Mike Pence also didn’t say Putin was a better leader than Obama, he said that Putin is a STRONGER leader in his country, than Obama in our country.

The polls are in and people really didn’t like Tim Kaine’s lies, rude attitude and constant interruptions. According to CNN, in a poll that actually had more Democrats than Republicans, Mike Pence won the debate. Not only that but 29% of people surveyed said they were more likely to vote for Trump than before because of how well Pence did. Awesome.

Via: conservative101.com

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