EXPOSED! EpiPen Company In Hot Water For Price Gouging Is Partner And Donor To Clinton Foundation

First let me preface this unfolding story by acknowledging that corruption, malfeasance and criminality isn’t exclusive to any one party, or ideology. Only in that the Clinton’s have made corruption, malfeasance and criminality a lot more acceptable among their peers.

 And that’s actually the core issue of what has transpired between a substantial Clinton donor and their apparent price gouging of a life saving drug. Ironically, the company partnered in 2009 with the Clinton Foundation to help with lower cost HIV drugs. This is during the same time the price hikes were taking place on the EpiPen.

Clinton Foundation records prove that Mylan has donated between $100,000 and $250,000.

A little background on Mylan CEO Heather Bresch from CNBC:

The CEO is the daughter of a U.S. senator. She reincorporated her U.S.-based drug company in the Netherlands, which cut its tax liability.
She also retroactively was awarded an MBA from West Virginia University while her dad was governor of that state despite not having enough academic credits. At the time, the university’s president was both a former lobbyist for her drug company and a high school classmate of hers.

Shockingly her father is a Democrat in case you were wondering.

Astoundingly the price gouge began in 2011, the price than was $165, than it increased to $350, and in 2014 the drug jumped to $461, and now an unbelievable $609, which has even crooked Hillary yelling fowl and stating;

“It’s just the latest troubling example of a company taking advantage of its consumers.”

However malfeasance and criminality when it comes to the Clinton Foundation, is always a matter of interpretation when the pharmaceutical company partnered in 2009 and donated between a hundred and two hundred and fifty grand, and for that received the right in providing lower-cost alternative for 4-HIV drugs.

And according to foundation records, Mylan pledged to offer the drugs for $425, by 2010, which was a 28% reduction than competing drugs, which brings to mind as a kid growing up in the Bronx, and how those old Mafia Dons kept the neighborhood safe, and the merchants protected, all for a small monthly


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