Even The LIBERAL MEDIA Is Turning On The Clintons Now – WOW!

The Clintons are corrupt. We’ve being saying this for years. They are a crime family. They don’t care about this country. They only care about making money and acquiring power.

 You can’t deny the shadiness of their “Foundation.” We now know it was completely designed to enrich the Clintons and peddle influence. It is so obvious that even the New York Times has caught on!

The Clinton Foundation should “ban contributions from foreign and corporate entities now,” rather than after a potential Hillary Clinton presidential win as the foundation currently proposes, the New York Times said in an editorial Monday.

“Bill and Chelsea Clinton should both end their operational involvement in the foundation and its affiliates for the duration of her presidency, relinquishing any control over spending, hiring and board appointments”

That’s right. The New York Times SLIMES is even calling out Hillary and Bill for their corruption. From Russians to the Chinese and every country in between, the Clintons will sell out America and her interests for cash and power. The Clinton’s have to be relegated to the trashbin of history.

Via Bloomberg.

Source: thepoliticalinsider.com

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