Eric Trump Slams Hillary For Ruining An Entire Generation Of People [Video]

Eric Trump went on Fox’s Outnumbered where he talked about how disturbing it is that Hillary is able to get away with so many crimes. “I think it’s why my generation has a lost faith in politicians, until quite frankly, now. Honestly, it’s so disturbing,” started Eric.

He went on to talk about how disturbing it is “When you’re lying to the Department of Justice, when you’re lying to Congress, when you’re lying to the FBI, when you lie to the American people, you lie under oath and nothing happens about it.” He went on to bring up the secret Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton meeting and Hillary’s IT triggerman pleading the 5th and not showing up to Congress.

He mentions that this has become a circus. There has to be a point where we stop being partisan and are able to come together and recognize an evasion of justice. Check out the video below.


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