Eric Trump Unleashes On Liberals Attacking His Wife

We have seen how much liberals liberals hate President Donald Trump and his administration. They are willing to do just about anything to disrupt what the administration is trying to do. The vile verbal attacks have been taken to a level we have rarely seen before. We saw just how much harm they are capable recently, when a liberal attacker shot up a Congressional GOP baseball practice. This was disgusting and some liberals have even applauded the man for what he did. Do they not see the harm they are causing the nation?

We are in, or at least liberals are in political turmoil and they are melting before our very eyes. It is sad to see such hate from a group of people that pride themselves on being the kind, accepting people in our country. The attacks do not stop at President Donald Trump. In fact, his family might be taking the brunt of the heat. It is disgusting to see the attacks that people like Melania Trump see. They are dealing it in a very calm way, but they are starting to take a toll.

Now Eric Trump has come out with some very scary news about his wife, who is currently 7-months pregnant. Even she has not been able to stay away from the attacks of the left. We know it is bad when someone like this is being insulted on a daily basis.

“My wife Lara is seven months pregnant. If you saw some of the comments she receives from people. I can’t even say them on the air they are so ghastly. There are no borders for these people,” Eric Trump explains.

We need to see some change in this country because there is now reason why they should be going after a woman like Lara. This is no reason why he should even have to respond to these claims.

Liberals know no bounds and it is starting to show. We need to come together as a nation before it is too late and talk about the problems that we are facing.

What do you think?

H/T: Fox News

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