Elizabeth Warren Makes Anti-Trump Video… Gets Totally HUMILIATED With 1 Silly Error

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren tried this week to smear presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump with an attack video, but she wound up failing miserably by including images of a man (as well as his family) who in reality had voted for the billionaire candidate during the primary election.

That man happened to be City University of New York Professor Michael Levin, who published a column inPolitico this Thursday excoriating the senator for her disingenuous ad.

“All I ask, Sen. Warren and MoveOn, is that the next time you want to appropriate the images of my daughter, my wife and myself, especially considering that I did vote for the very candidate you so gleefully trash in the video, you come and ask me first,” he wrote.

Fast forward to the 2:25 mark in the video below to see Levin, his Asian wife and his daughter in the ad for yourself:

According to The Daily Caller, Warren used Levin’s interracial family in the ad to prop up multiculturalism and subsequently paint Trump as a racist and bigot who hates all minorities.

Rather than admit her mistake after she was busted, however, Warren chose to simply ignore it, as Levin and his family remained in the video.

Moreover, Warren’s supporters chose to respond to Levin’s piece in Politico not by apologizing on behalf of her mistake, but by attacking him and his family.


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