Election Results are In! Wait Til You See Who Won the Election…

The most important election in US history is in full swing right now, but we just managed to get our hands on one of the BIGGEST results of the entire night!

According to both ABC and NBC…


Yes! Yes! Yes! That is AMAZING news for every single conservative in the country.

This means that even IF Hillary Clinton cheats her way into office, the Republicans will be able to stop her from ruining our country with her corrupt and twisted ideals.

It is now mathematically impossible for Democrats to be able to take the house, although the Senate is still up in the air. That being said, it is predicted that currently, the Republicans have a 70% chance of winning the Senate too!


Still, that does not mean tonight is ANYWHERE near over. It is more important now than ever that every single one of you gets out and votes for Donald Trump. Also, share this out everywhere so Dems cannot CHEAT their way out of it.

Via: libertywritersnews.com

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