Dr. Drew Disappoints CNN by Explaining Trump Isn’t A Crazy Narcissist (VIDEO)

The Clinton News Network is at it again. Don Lemon invited on Dr. Drew and asked him if Trump is crazy, a sociopath and a narcissist. Drew disappointed the liberal network by not fanning the flames.

Here’s a partial transcript:

People want to label him with a narcissistic personality disorder, and that is a pretty tough, tough thing to do at a distance,” Pinsky said. “But let me just talk to you, narcissism generally can be a good thing. If you’re a fighter pilot, we want you to be narcissist, not to have fear in extreme circumstances. Most political leaders have some degree of narcissism, what motivates them to go into these areas. We’ve done research on this, (and) it bears that out.”

Remember when CNN had on a doctor to analyze Hillary Clinton’s possible mental defects?

Neither do we.

Watch the video:

Source: worldcallyoutoday.com

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