Disturbing, Disgusting, Dangerous: Hannity UNLOADS on #NeverTrump Crowd [WATCH]

The general presidential election is only three months away and each candidate has been fiercely fighting for every vote they can get. However, the “NeverTrump” movement has never quite stopped its attempts to “sabotage” Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign.

This isn’t just dirty politics anymore. This is something much more heinous. Sean Hannity spoke out about the movement and blasted those who are making Trump’s victory an even more uphill battle than it needs to be — especially those from his own party.

Like Susan Collins — a Republican — who has refused to support Trump, citing his alleged “disregard for the precept of treating others with respect” and for “attacking ethnic and religious minorities” as her reasons why she will not support her fellow Republican as a nominee for president of the United States.

Others felt Hannity’s wrath for joining in the NeverTrump movement as well, including former Govs. Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush; Sens. Ted Cruz, Ben Sasse, and Lindsey Graham; and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol.

Hannity called them out for their “stubborn and stupid” antics and said that they will be responsible for electing Hillary Clinton by dividing the party with their NeverTrump efforts. Clinton and her policies would continue President Barack Obama’s “disastrous” economics agenda, Obamacare, open borders and most importantly, the appointment of liberal justices to the Supreme Court.

“By refusing to support Trump it seems they’re effectively supporting a woman who has proven time and time again that she is a liar and a corrupt politician,” Hannity stated.

“She’s proven she does not have the character, she does not have the temperament to be the president of the United States. Is that the person these Republican crybabies really want to be the commander in chief? They want to help her? It’s disturbing, it’s disgusting and it’s fairly dangerous,” Sean argued.

See the full clip below:

Source: conservativetribune.com

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