Disgusting Proof Obama Signed Secret Iran “Pay For Play” Contract

Obama’s Iranian Agenda Exposed Now!

Everyone is well aware of Barack Hussein Obama’s weak policies and actions. In fact, his weak actions have allowed Iran to grow from nothing into a major force controlling the Middle East.

Over the course of this year, Iran has carried out several malicious attacks against our sailors by provoking them in the water. They even took a dozen of our men and women and held them hostage overnight. Imagine how Ronald Reagan would have handled that situation.

Over the course of this year, many reports, collectively, have proven that Obama caved to Iran on almost everything they asked for BEFORE they released our hostages.

To date, the Obama Administration not only has paid Iran more than $35,000,000,000 in untraceable cash and gold, a new report indicates that Obama also covertly lifted U.N. sanctions on two Iranian banks, on the exact same day four American hostages were released.

The sanctions revelation, coupled with a now revealed $400,000,000 payment to Iran that same day, further contradicts the original statement made by Obama and his team.

They argued our hostages were released because they used “strong American diplomacy,” but all they really did was give Iran every single they asked for so that they would be kind enough to release our hostages. This is by far the weakest president in American history, and he wonders why our enemies no longer fear or respect us.

The United States Bows To No One, Especially Not To Muslim Terrorists!

These sanctions were not supposed to be lifted until 2023, and were in place to forbid Iran from spending money towards their their ballistic missile system.

“By agreeing to remove U.N. and EU sanctions eight years early on Iran’s main missile financing bank, the administration effectively greenlighted their nuclear warhead-capable ballistic missile program,” Foundation for Defense of Democracies head Mark Dubowtiz told TheWSJ.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury called one of the banks the administration lifted sanctions on “the financial linchpin of Iran’s missile procurement network,” in 2007.

“Previous reports confirmed the U.S. wouldn’t let a plane carrying $400 million take off for Iran until three U.S. prisoners departed Iran in January.”

So, we now know that the $400,000,000 was a ransom payment. Saeed Abedini, a former Iranian hostage said, “Iranian intelligence officials told him his plane could not take off until the movements of a second plane were confirmed. The second plane was used to carry the $400,000,000 in cash.”

After the State Department had been exposed, they tried to argue that they used money as leverage. Which is just their way of hiding the fact that they are weak and let Iran call all of the shots.

“The timing of this, despite administration protests to the contrary, suggests that this was a ransom payment,” Jonathan Schanzer, an expert on terrorism finance and the vice president of research at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, admitted.

Iran, The World's Leading Sponsor Of Terrorism, Is Who Obama Wants To Work With

Iran, The World’s Leading Sponsor Of Terrorism, Is Who Obama Wants To Work With

“And even if this was not what the administration intended, it certainly looks that way to the Iranians.”
Before the revelations the administration crowed about how imperative the administration’s Iran deal made the hostage agreement possible. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry praised “the relationships forged and the diplomatic channels unlocked over the course of the nuclear talks,” the day after the hostage announcement.

Obama claims he announced the payment concurrent with the hostage announcement, and declared on August 4, “The United States does not pay ransom and does not negotiate ransoms.”

Obama lied again. His administration has paid the worlds leading state sponsor of terrorism more than $35,000,000,000, he lifted the sanctions on their banks that they will use to provide financial resources for missiles and nuclear weapons, and now he is the first president in United States history to pay a ransom.

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