DEMOCRATS ARE FREAKING OUT After What Jan Brewer Said About Trump on CNN Today…

Oh, man. When the hell are these Democrats gonna learn? You would think after years of thrashings, they would have picked up on one simple lesson: NEVER MESS WITH A STRONG REPUBLICAN WOMAN!

The bullies over on CNN must have really had their heads up their butts when they decided, “Hey, let’s invite Governor Jan Brewer on and then gang up on her for supporting Trump.”

They thought they were being so smart when they started out by attacking him about the women LYING about his sexual harassment.


Within seconds Jan Brewer made the CNN Liberals admit that they LOVED Donald Trump’s Gettysburg Address!


And her ruthless assault on the Hillary shills did not end there. They were all shocked and dismayed when Jan dropped this bombshell about the needless attention the media gives to these clearly LYING women…


Hey, I have a question for the liberal media. If they are so concerned about women who have been abused, WHY DO YOU IGNORE ALL OF BILL AND HILLARY’S VICTIMS?!

I’ll tell you exactly why, because all of those women have a story about Hillary Clinton threatening their lives and families if they EVER went public. It would ruin her.


So let’s show our support to Gov. Brewer and Donald Trump by sharing this interview out so everyone can see that the Liberal media has FINALLY LOST!


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