DEMOCRATS ARE DONE! Look What Just Happened to Party Right After Trump Won…

Ding Dong the witch is DEAD! America is already celebrating our brand new President Donald Trump, and the people are going WILD!

That’s not the only good news though. It turns out that, thanks to Hillary Clinton’s toxic and outright CHEATING campaign, the Democratic party is falling apart and nothing can save them.

  • They are quickly coming to the realization that there are ZERO leaders left to take over the Democratic party.

  • All of their top brass are either labeled as liars or simply too old to carry the mantle.

  • The core of the DNC has been blacklisted by the Mainstream Media for leaking debate questions.

Just take a look at the facts, folks. The ONLY stars left in the party are Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, both of whom are old and considered “too anti-establishment” for the big banks to fund. Not to mention they are both ancient.

The last young star of the party was Anthony Weiner, and I think we all know exactly what happened to him.

Oh, and let’s not forget about former DNC head Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who RIGGED the Democratic Primaries so Bernie couldn’t win and her successor, Donna Brazile, who leaked top-secret debate questions to the Clinton campaign.


So, I think it is safe to say it’s gonna be a while before the Democrats are able to recover and become trusted by ANYONE again.

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