Democrat John Lewis Said Trump Isn’t a Legitimate President, So Trump RUINED Him Today…

Donald Trump won 30 states and 304 electoral votes in a landslide November win. Let’s take a look at that electoral map again. Wow. That was bad, y’all. Remember how badly we spanked the crooked Democrats this year? I do.

Now Democrats are trying to ruin Trump’s presidency before he even gets in. Look what John Lews said on NBC’s Meet the Press. He said that Trump won’t be a “legitimate president.”

Watch the video via NBC’s Meet the Press below:




Today Donald Trump ripped right back into John Lewis.


Donald Trump told Congressman John Lews exactly what he should have. Trump said that he should spend more time fixing his district. It is in horrible shape and falling apart. It is crime infested and instead of blaming Russia for Hillary’s loss that he should work on his homefront. Damn!

here’s what people online were saying about him.

Whew! Trump is taking it to them in the swamp. This is so frickin’ fun to watch. Hit that #SHARE button above if you love what Trump is doing to hold our electorates responsible.

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